Give new life to your existing equipment, and capture savings on replacement costs.
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Don't buy new equipment. Refurbish your existing gear to like-new condition while earning compliance with Government standards. Equipment restoration by A Plus Athletic Products can save you thousands of dollars.

Save Money

Buying new equipment is expense. A Plus Athletic Products will refurbish your existing equipments, so you can avoid replacement costs, and get more life from your existing equipment.

Increase Safety

Safety regulations change with time. Yesterday's bleachers may not meet today's safety standards. A Plus Athletic products helps you meet new safety standards with the equipment that you already have.

Gain ADA Compliance

Bring you equipment into compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA). Avoid fines while making your facility accessible to more guests with features like ramps and railings.

Build Something Great

Get equipment engineered to meet the demands of the world's top-performing athletes. Find seating that keeps returning to see more games. 
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