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Protect your gymnasium floor when using it for non-athletic events, like concerts, assemblies, theater productions, and trade shows. COVERMASTER floor covers safeguard your valuable gym floors against damage caused by dragging furniture and equipment. They also protect against foot traffic and dirt that might otherwise be embedded in your gym floor by shoes worn by attendees.

A Plus Athletic Products will help your gymnasiums select the right floor covering for your application. We provide and install wide variety of floor coverings.

  • Ultima Series Gym Floor Covers
  • Master Series Gym Floor Covers
  • Mix and Match Gym Floor Covers
  • Handling Systems
  • Accessories
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A Plus Athletic Products supplies and installs Floor Coverings to meet the diverse needs of any academic institution, team, facility, or club. Our featured products represent only a sample of the products that we carry.

Ultima Series

Covermaster's most versatile and durable line of floor covers is designed to maintain their appearance during repetitive use.

Master Series

Master Series floor covers are ultra-durable. Their reinforced polyester core is coated by PVC on both sides for an ultra-durable 3-ply fabric.

Handling Systems

Covermaster offers a wide variety of products to store your floor coverings while keeping them clean and in good condition.

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