• Design Your Facility

    Put our experience to work for you, and make the best use of your space. We'll help you design your facility and select equipment to capture the most benefit for your athletes and guests.
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    An empty track and field area with a red track surrounding a green field, enclosed roof, and blue stadium seating.
  • Build and Install

    Benefit from skilled project management. Insure that your sports equipment is installed correctly. We partner with your vendors on your behalf to meet project milestones and minimize rework.
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    An empty basketball arena is shown , looking down at the court from blue, yellow, and green stadium seating.
  • Maintain and Refurbish

    Make your sports equipment last longer. Get the most value out of the products that you already have. We maintain, repair, and refurbish sports equipment to extend product lifetimes and maximize return on investment.
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    An empty track and field area with a blue track surrounding a green field, enclosed roof, and stadium seating.
A gray and blue basketball court is shown from an overhead view.

One Vendor for All Your Sports Equipment Needs

  • Project management
  • Design
  • Product selection and acquisition 
  • Product installation and configuration
  • Ongoing maintenance
An empty sports stadium looking down at the green field from gray and orange seating.

25+ Years of Experience

We've been earning the trust of sports teams, educational institutions, and businesses for more than 25 years. From design to installation to maintenance and break-fix, trust A Plus Athletic Products to deliver high-quality sports equipment and solutions to your institution.

Build Something Great

Get equipment engineered to meet the demands of the world's top-performing athletes. Find seating that keeps returning to see more games. 
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