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Sheridan Seating

Sheridan Seating

Sheridan Seating is the world's leading supplier of indoor bleachers, telescopic bleachers, and platform seating. A Plus Athletic carries and installs their entire seating line. Benefit from our more than twenty-fie years of experience, and get the best searing for your needs and budget.

Seating needs for athletic facilities, theaters, and schools are varied and complex. Whether you need retractable seating, seating that's permanently fixed to a wall, or seating the is portable and removal, A Plus had your needs covered.

  • Telescopic Bleachers
  • Theater Platforms
  • Arena Platforms
  • Portable Bleachers
  • Wall Attached Bleachers
  • Recessed Bleachers
  • Reverse Fold Bleachers
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A Plus Athletic Products supplies and installs Indoor Bleachers to meet the diverse needs of any academic institution, team, facility, or club. Our featured products represent only a sample of the products that we carry.

Telescopic Bleachers

Bleachers that store neatly away when not in use, creating space for athletes and performers. While expanded, there's room for all your guests.

Wall Attached Bleachers

Permanently installed seating for all of your guests at you sporting event or production.

Arena Platforms

Perfect for large and small arenas. Flexible decks and seating for a wide variety of configurations.

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