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Outdoor Fixed and Portable Seating
Sturdisteel is an industry leading fabricator of engineered seating solutions. As an AISC certified fabricator, Sturdisteel has engineered, fabricated and professionally installed structural steel Grandstands and Bleachers all across North America since 1934. Our people understand the challenges and complexity of each project - their integrity and responsiveness works to your advantage. Located in Waco, Texas, our offices include more than 100,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities. With sales offices coast-to-coast, we stand ready to assist you with your next project.
Permanent Grandstands
Angle Frame Bleachers
Seating on Concrete

  • Custom designed specifically for your site and seating requirements
  • Concrete slab or grade-beam foundations with wide-flange stringers, steel angle columns and bracing spaced at 6 feet on center
  • Limited usable space underneath grandstand
  • Allows for installation on difficult sites such as hillsides or berms
  • Versatility to accommodate various rises and treads, all decking designs and other features such as chairs and weather/litter shields
  • Leg Truss designs will accommodate a maximum of 20 rows of seating
Standard Features include:

  • Offered in 5, 8, 10, 15 and 20 rows
  • Galvanized steel angle frame – 6 feet on center as standard
  • Elevated or Non-Elevated design (30″ or 40″)
  • Standard 8” rise per row with 24” tread spacing
  • Semi-Closed or Closed Deck offered as standard decking systems
  • Anodized aluminum seating and risers
  • Mill finished aluminum decking

  • Four different seating models/widths are available for installation on steel or concrete, new or existing, indoor or outdoor facilities.
  • Matching backrests, and armrests are also available.
  • For greater seating comfort, optional contoured backrest are available.
  • All plank surfaces are serrated except for a 2” section for ease in numbering