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Annual Equipment Safety Inspections

Choose Option A or B:

  • A: One Year Contract for Single Facility or Multiple Sites in a District scheduled as needed. Early bird pricing if you book your inspections before April 15th
  • B: Save 10% by signing up for a 3 year inspection contract. This locks in your annual rate and saves you 30% (10% annually)

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Inspections include:
12 Step Basketball Structure Inspection, Bleachers and Safety Inspections, a detailed inspection report that includes findings and appropriate recommendations by a fully qualified inspector.
Inspections are according to the January 2007, the Division of the State Architect (DSA), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and the International Code Council (ICC) cooperative for more stringent guidelines regarding bleacher and grandstand inspections, maintenance and repair.
As noted below in the fine print, it is now required of any school, district, city municipality or other government agency to have any and all telescoping bleachers and stationary grandstands at its facilities inspected on a yearly basis and not only have on file a yearly report on their condition but to also maintain these seating systems in “as new a condition as possible.” These guidelines further state this work to be performed by a “qualified” person or individual certified by the manufacturer.
As stated in the Division of the State Architect Interpretation of Regulations Document IR 16-10 Design and Construction of Reviewing Stands, Grandstands, and bleachers: 2007 CBC states in section 7 that, “After the installation, the owner shall conduct annual inspections as required by ICC/ANSI 300, Section 105.2. The owner will also maintain copies of all annual inspection reports and make them available on site for DSA review upon request.”
International Code Council, ICC 300-2007, Section 105.2 states that “Yearly inspection required. The owner shall cause all bleachers, folding and telescopic seating, and grandstands to be inspected at least once a year in order to verify that the structure is maintained in compliance with the provisions of this standard. All folding and telescopic seating shall also be inspected to evaluate compliance with the manufacturer’s installation and operational instructions, including an inspection during the opening and closing of such seating.”
Inspection Section 501.2 states that, “all existing tiered seating shall be inspected and evaluated at least once a year by a qualified person for compliance."